Rising to New Heights with ASB Home Lifts

ASB Home Lifts is an award-winning manufacturer of Single-Phase traction MRL Home Lifts with no pit and no overhead. We supply a wide range of Home Lifts ranging from Automatic same side opening to opposite side opening along with Swing Door system Home Lift with both side, single side, and adjacent side opening meeting the highest requirements regarding accessibility, comfort, space efficiency, and design.

  • Experience cutting-edge Home Lift technology designed for seamless performance. Adopting the new permanent magnet synchronous gearless drive technology. Its superior driving performance has been tested repeatedly, and it is safe and reliable. Designed especially for household use, faster and more stable, comfortable, and mute.
  • Tailored Home Lift solutions to suit your unique needs and enhance the functionality of your space. The safety performance is more reliable than you expect. Both the comprehensive safety devices and intelligent safety systems including the screen door, back source, emergency call button, can bring more careful protection for your family and you whether go up or down, come in or out.
  • ASB Home Lifts prioritize safety with state-of-the-art features and adherence to the highest industry standards. It can be connected with the internet at the server level allowing you to enjoy the intelligence and convenience that the previous aristocracy has never enjoyed. You can also read the Home Lift data through the control panel, so that you can know the operation status of Home Lift in real time. In addition, the remote monitoring system of the Home Lift will transmit the operation data to the ASB Global Lifting Solutions LLP service centre through the wireless network, which will give you 24 hours of intimate protection, so that the security is always around you.